Smartphone penetration in Africa is less than 20% - Dare to be better ? OK !

Publié le 1 Décembre 2013

The rapid growth of mobile telephony in Africa has been covered extensively over recent years. According to the African Economic Outlook report, in 2011 the continent had just over 61 mobile lines per 100 people.

The majority of mobile phone users however, continue to use more basic feature or ‘dumb’ phones. A recent article by the Financial Mail suggests that smartphone penetration in Africa is less than 20%.

We have a lot of people in Africa whose only way of accessing the internet is through a mobile phone of some sort, and the vast majority of them are not using smartphones, they are using a feature phone that has some capability of accessing the internet… People don’t just go onto the internet for Facebook and Twitter and email but actually to browse and look for information… to be able to watch videos and those types of things. So we felt a 5-inch screen was a big enough screen for people to do a lot on the internet,” said Lehlokoe.

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Dare to be better ? OK !

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