Telecoms: African demand for smartphones has tripled in a year - Dare to be better ? OK !

Publié le 1 Décembre 2013

Telecoms: African demand for smartphones has tripled in a year

".../... Samsung Electronics is preparing to beat its $10bn target for revenue from Africa in 2015. And according to George Ferreira - Vice-president and chief operating officer of Samsung Africa - the company is also looking at the possibility of setting up more assembly plants to avoid tariff barriers.<

What's the cheapest smartphone you sell in Africa?

The most affordable is our entry-level Galaxy Pocket. In South Africa, it retails for $100. [Elsewhere] in Africa, it's probably around the $110-$120 mark.

The successors of the Galaxy Pocket are the Galaxy Neo and Galaxy Star. They have been available from April. We will see them be-ing positioned more aggressively in the market, at around the $100 price point.

Is a sub-$50 smartphone still some way away?

If I look at the Tier 1 manufacturers – Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Sony – I think we're still a distance away from the $50 smartphone. If I look at Tier 2 and Tier 3 – the brands that are coming out of Asia – maybe they would .../..."

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