How to view phone screen on pc or laptop free android

Publié le 5 Septembre 2014

How to view phone screen on pc or laptop free android

Solution Teamviewer :

Android Mobile OS is becoming more and more popular.Many peoples want to became a Android developer or app test but app testing is not easy on small screen. So toady I am sharing an article with you to display your android phone's screen on your computer or laptop. You can display your Android phone's display on your computer using a software called Droid @ Screen.

There are many apps are available in android market to share android phone's display with PC but most of them are paid or required rooted android phones.Droid @ Screen is free software with which you can share your android phone's display with your computers and laptops.

This software not required any rooted android phone to share screen on computer.

It is mostly used for training/teaching and demonstration purposes.So if you want to share your android phone's screen with your computer or laptop then follow the steps given below.

This is a video of how to view phone screen on pc or laptop free :

You must be connected to the same network as the pc or laptop you want to use
1) Download Teamviewer on laptop or pc
2)Open it up on pc/laptop
3)download teamviewer quick support on android device in play store
4)Open team viewer quick support
5)Put the code that is on your phone on your pc/laptop (make sure your connect via wifi)
6)click connect to partner
Then you will be connected to the phone

read more :

TeamViewer QuickSupport App for Android

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