Google Translate and Wikipedia Fused into Geo-Linguistic Map

Publié le 11 Février 2015

Google Translate and Wikipedia Fused into Geo-Linguistic Map

Interactive platform lets users learn about history and pronunciation of spoken word across Earth’s terrain

Basic communication relies on one’s innate ability to communicate, and a thoughtful traveler understands the value in learning key words and phrases prior to arriving in a new country. It’s the ability to embrace a multitude of communication forms which leads to greater context across situations. When we look at a map from macro to micro, country to town, we can visualize thousands of different dialects. A new digital platform, Word Map, is an interactive linguistic experiment that aggregates content from Google Translate and Wikipedia to illustrate the spoken word around the globe. - This experiment brings together the power of Google Translate and the collective knowledge of Wikipedia to put into context the relationship between language and geographical space.

Type the word ‘apple,’ or any word of your choosing, into the Word Map box and watch the translations pop up across geographical locations. The browser will map the content from English to any other language, or vice versa, so users can learn a new word and its proper pronunciation.

A zoom feature showcases smaller countries, so people can visualize the various ways to say hello in places such as Thailand, China or Indonesia.

The experiment also allows the user to learn more about the history of the language based on geographical space pulled from collective information on Wikipedia. For instance, clicking on Canada will display information about the number of countries that speak English (approximately 20), as well as the history of the Canadian population who speak French at home. Lines connect different countries that share a common language and illustrate the influx in accents across destinations, such as the way ‘goodbye’ sounds when spoken in an American accent versus an English accent.

Try these versions with your sound turned up: happiness, sex and love

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