Samsung’s ‘World’s First’ Foldable Smartphone Could Cost Double The iPhone X

Publié le 15 Juin 2018

The wait for Samsung’s foldable smartphone could soon be over. The Korea Times has reported that according to analysts covering Samsung Electronics, the company plans to debut this “world first” device in 2019. 

Kim Jang-yeol, the head of research at South Korea-based Golden Bridge Investment, has placed the retail price estimate for the gadget at around two million won (US$1, 830) sans subsidies from carriers. In comparison, Apple’s iPhone X currently retails at US$1,000. 

Samsung’s anticipated model, commonly referred to as the ‘Galaxy X’, could come with a 7.3-inch OLED screen, which reduces to a 4.5-inch display after the device is folded. 

Aside from confirming that the company is indeed on track to creating a gadget with a “true foldable display,” few other details such as specifications were shared by Samsung Electronics spokesman Kim Choon-gon. 

Samsung remains tight-lipped about this upcoming design as this “world’s first” designation is something the brand is keen to protect, especially since its main Chinese competitors Huawei and ZTE are reportedly also creating smartphones with foldable screens. 

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