Innovative safer manual log splitter - The SPLITZ-ALL - Good N Useful - a New3S business case study

Publié le 19 Décembre 2019


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Here is the case study of New3S customer.

This is the company GOOD N USEFUL located in the western United States.

Patent holders, GOOD N USEFUL inventors, have created a revolutionary tool : the Splitz-all.

A manual wood logs splitter that may be used to complement or completely replace the classic ax, and, other hydraulic or electrical equipment, usually bulky, unfriendly for the environment. The Splitz-all is associated with the Splitz-assist, a tool that allows you to group and bind wood logs together, for even more efficient splitting, while making it easier to pick up and carry logs, when they are fully split. The combination of these two tools makes it possible to easily split wood logs, with a diameter of 7 cm (2.76 inches) to 1 meter (39.37 inches), and split them both in vertical and horizontal position.


SPLITZ-ALL : outil manuel fendeur de buches - splitting wood- log splitter
SPLITZ-ALL : outil manuel fendeur de buches - splitting wood- log splitter


New3S worked, first, to consolidate the GOOD N USEFUL Web Presence, then, to create and strengthen GOOD N USEFUL Web Visibility. Thanks to B'Leader, these works were successfully completed. Afterward, New3S tackled the B'360 and the positioning of the products of GOOD N USEFUL.

So, by opting for New3S B'Leader offers, GOOD N USEFUL got the attention and generated interest of international communities, especially on Facebook. The amplification effect then started. Leaders from various communities have taken over from around the world (Turkey, Australia, Japan, Russia, USA, etc ...).

With B'Leader, online sales pages, articles on product features, usage, and benefits have become Positioned and even placed at the very top of Google. For the videos, the counters of the number of Views leapt up: from 20,000 Views for the most part of the videos (which is already a great result) to 1 Million, 5 Million, or even up to 17 Million Views, in just 3 months for a single video. The implications of Internet users around the world are currently in the hundreds of thousands, the cumulative number of sharing exceed millions.

A comment: according to Google Analytics, a web service that tracks and reports website traffic, the clicks analysis on GOOD N USEFUL web pages, implemented as recommended by New3S, makes it clear, that the B'360 tool comes first, in terms of conversion rate from Clicks to Orders.

Therefore, while initially, its only aim is to address the US market, GOOD N USEFUL progressed successively: from unknown to the Google search engine and the Web, to a significant increase in its Visibility and its Positioning on the Anglo-Saxon Web; then on Europe, and then on the rest of the world.

As a result, by deploying much much cheaper means than traditional ones and within a short time period, GOOD N USEFUL started selling its products all over the world, while increasing significantly its turnover on its own territory in the United States.

Based on these proven results, that are getting, more and more consolidated, quarter by quarter, GOOD N USEFUL started to market, worldwide, new products based on extensions of use of its flagship product Splitz-all, extensions such as: All-tie animal anchor (livestock, horses, dogs, pets tie out, etc...), Ground Anchors (boat anchor to shore, truck and four-wheeler vehicles anchor, to be out of the mud or sand) , extension kit for volleyball, flag pole, awning, etc.

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Illustrated by B'360 : This is a 360° panoramic view

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